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 Movie Title: Acceptance
Featuring Josalin Joseph as Tasha

Uganda, Africa 2018 Concert in Kabowa
The facility was filled from front to back and the children really enjoyed themselves! God was given all of the honor!! 

1st International Concert was a success and I had so much fun!! I'm ready for the next level!!


***Status Network with King Arthur***

This was an AMAZING experience! Doing this show was so much fun and he made the time fly by. Thanks Status Network for such a fun filled show!!

Josalin and King Arthur.jpg
Real Talk Show Host Flyer.jpg

Scene 1: Skyler showing all of her emotions towards what she sees!! Tune in to find out what it was!!


A Song For Adaze 

A stage play which is all about African Folk Tails. If you haven't heard about it, stay tuned because there is more to come!!

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